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When it comes to interior house painting and allowing painters inside your home, you want to make sure that your dealing with a professional organization. One that will pay great attention to detail, are clean, polite, professional, and responsible. We care about the residential interior painting work that we do here at M.A.R. Painting, LLC., and so we never stop short of complete customer satisfaction. We stand behind our work and guarantee that your interior residential painting will be done right the first time.



Our customers continue to use our services year after year because we are a team of professionals that understands the needs of the property management and construction industry. We also understand the need to meet dead lines. Our guiding philosophy over the years has been "whatever it takes to get the job done on time." Efficiency is a priority at M.A.R. Painting, LLC., while at the same time always maintaining the quality.



When it comes to exterior house painting, you want to make sure you are dealing with a professional organization. One that will pay great attention to detail, are clean, polite, professional and responsible. Our goal is to leave each home we paint, the best painted home in the neighborhood. We stand behind our work and guarantee you will be completely satisfied.


Have damaged trim or drywall? Haven’t repaired it yet because you don’t want to hire a contractor just to repair it? No worries! While M.A.R. Painting, LLC., is at your home painting, we can repair or replace damaged or rotted trim, drywall, baseboards and more. Get all your small carpentry projects done while we are on the job!



For each faux painting project, we prep the room to ensure that no paint gets on the floor or on your baseboards. We begin by quickly dusting off the walls so the faux will adhere to it. We then put blue painter's tape on baseboards, the ceiling and around wall sockets to ensure that we will get a perfect edge every time. As part of our painting services, we put down painting tarps on your floor and furniture that act as a protection barrier. Dripping or accidental spills are sometimes inevitable so we take every measure possible when applying faux finishes.



We are also engaged in offering different styles of skip trowel textures and will provide samples before any work is started. These services are offered with the help of highly experienced professionals who hold expertise in this domain.



Ok, you’ve decided to add a new room, finish the garage “man cave”, or knock out a wall (or two) for a sewing, family, or play room. You have great carpentry, plumbing, and electrical skills, but deep into the project, you realize you are running out of steam and time. Or, you simply do not have the tools and available labor (read: friends and family) you need to complete the drywall and finish work. At M.A.R. Painting, LLC., we do more than just repairs on your painting job. We also hang new drywall, install doors, and do trim work! Let us take care of those details, as well as the painting, and help you turn that project into a finished dreamscape!


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